Ciresi to PA Lawmakers: Do Your Job

Together with over 150 students and citizens, we rallied inside the Capitol this week for a responsible budget to fund our schools and students. For the third time since last September, we traveled to Harrisburg to lobby the people who are supposed to represent us.

This is not about theater or showmanship.

Tom Quigley just doesn’t get it. Your current state representative still is not comfortable taking some of the blame for Pennsylvania’s half-baked budget, which is now over nine months late. He continues to obstruct, while scapegoating Gov. Tom Wolf for issuing a line item-veto on a portion of the unbalanced budget passed in December.

Wolf struck a deal with Senate Republicans and Democrats just before the New Year, but it fell apart after Republicans in the House rejected it.

Quigley should remember the sign in Pres. Harry Truman’s office: “The buck stops here.” All lawmakers in Harrisburg deserve some blame at this point. The obstructionist state House of Representatives is devoid of real leadership. Its symptoms of dysfunction include members who are unwilling to stand up to ultra-conservative Tea Party members and a culture that views compromise as party treason.

Where has that landed us? Gridlock with real consequences.

In Pottstown, a grant application to help pay for streetlight improvements has been delayed due to the budget impasse. Assistant Borough Manager Erica Batdorf told council members on Monday that she would continue to check with the state for progress.

Since the start of the budget impasse, the state’s 500 school districts have borrowed approximately $1 billion, according to the Pennsylvania School Boards Association. Last week, PSBA filed paperwork with Commonwealth Court asking the court to order the state treasurer, secretary of education and Department of Education to immediately pay districts all subsidies that were due Feb. 26.

The budget put forth by my opponent and his colleagues creates a $1.6 billion deficit that will prompt massive cuts to education, teacher layoffs, higher property taxes, and cuts to vital programs for seniors.

We deserve better from our representatives in Harrisburg. I ask for your support during the April 26 Primary Election. Read more at


Ciresi, a resident of Limerick with his wife and son, has served as a Spring-Ford Area School Board director for 10 years. For the last 14 years, he has worked as the Director of Sales and Promotions at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. The 146th District includes the boroughs of Trappe, Royersford and part of Pottstown, as well as Limerick, Lower Pottsgrove and Perkiomen townships.


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